Clefft Lip

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Clefft Lip

Dr. Husnain Aesthetic Clinic is among the developed and the leading clinics for various surgeries with a professional and determined team of surgeons. The Dr. Husnain Aesthetic Clinic provides all the quality services to their patients with the 24-hour availability of the services. He is among the most talented and qualified surgeons in Pakistan, with the experience of more than a decade of national and international experience.

It provides burns, cleft, cosmetic, and renal surgeries with the highest efficiency rate. The cleft lip is an emerging problem in newborn babies that can be removed or treated with the help of surgery.

What Is Cleft Lip?

The cleft lip is a condition with which babies are born, and they have a visible separation in the upper lip skin. The condition or gap may be different in the babies, like it may be a smaller gap or the openings starting from the nose and extending towards the jaws. In the Dr. Husnain Aesthetic Clinic, we examine different patients every day and lead them towards the betterment and treatment. Our center is the most experienced and reliable in the country, where every year, hundreds of children are treated and cured.

Specialized Team Of Professionals For The Cleft Lip

The cleft lip is not only the gap between the lips. It causes various other problems in the babies like this, including the nose, palate, and lips, so it may cause-effect speech, hearing, and dental functions. For the careful surgery or treatment of this problem, the team of our specialized doctors is available to provide your child with the best sport and treatment. A special team of the surgeons is involved in this process;

  • A Plastic Surgeon is needed there to perform all the necessary surgeries on your lips and the upper jaws to improve their function and repair the gum cleft.
  • An Orthodontist that looks for the dental care and helps in the positioning and straightening of the teeth
  • ENT Surgeon helps improve the hearing issue and provides different options for the treatment and working of the ear.
  • Audiologist that will monitor any hearing problem and issue
  • The speech Therapist assesses all the issues that might develop due to cleft lip and help the child to improve their speech.
  • Nurse Coordinator that will supervise your baby and ensure the baby’s health

All our professional team is trained professionally and will work together to improve and increase the chances of the treatment of your baby under the leadership of the plastic surgeon.

Surgeries Required For The Cleft Lip

The treatment for the cleft lip begins within infancy and lasts longer than childhood. The child may need two or more two surgeries to repair completely depending upon their condition how severe they are

These surgeries may last from the period from childhood to the teenager up to the age of 18. In the initial surgeries, the first preventive measures are taken as creating the functional palate first and then the chance to fill the ear with fluid to reduce any long-term damage. Likewise, the surgeries are performed until the baby is fully treated and overcomes all the speech and hearing issues, and the dental straightening is done by using the braces.

Hence, with our surgeons’ efforts and professionalism, this defect can be overcome.


What are the complications and the potential risk of the surgery?

Modern surgery is relatively safe, and there are higher chances of complete betterment, but there might be the case that the one side of the mouth and nose might not match with the other side of the mouth and nose. So that might look odd.

What do we need to do before the surgery is performed?

Before the surgery, these things are discussed: the amount and type of anesthesia used, complications, risk, the cost, and what to avoid before the surgery.


Before and After Procedures

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